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    Guild Badges

    Post  Notebook on Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:44 pm

    Guild Badges are insignia that appear by your username. They are rewarded for meeting certain criteria:

    Badge of Valor
    Die as a result of saving a guild member. Must be witnessed by a Officer+ or caught on video. Guild member must have been in peril of losing valuble items or maxed stats.

    Badge of Respect
    Given at the discretion of the founder, Notebook.

    Badge of Notice
    Given at the discretion of a Leader

    Leader Badge
    Achieve the rank of Leader

    Guild Staff Badge
    Be apart of the Guild Staff

    Key Badge
    Donate a key for guild use

    Fame Badge
    Earn 300 Guild Fame

    Donation Badge
    Donate 10 items of value

    Recruitment Badge
    Recruit 3+ members

    Event Badge
    Attend 5+ guild events

    Black Star
    Replaces all the badges of a banned user.

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